Our service offerings under Regulatory services provide clients an in-depth analysis of the laws and regulations applicable to them and the expertise required to ensure compliance with the same. We help clients to remain updated about the constant changes in the regulatory environment and effectively manage compliance-related requirements. We cater to client’s needs with respect to Companies Act, FEMA, Labour laws and other related laws and regulations.

Our offerings under Regulatory services are as follows:

  • Regulatory:

    • Business commencement and incorporation services
    • Preparation and maintenance of secretarial records as per statutory requirements.
    • Liquidation and winding up services for smooth closure of businesses.
    • Managing compliance requirements under The Companies Act, 2013
    • Managing compliance requirements under The Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999
    • Assistance for ensuring compliance and availing benefits under the Foreign trade policy
    • Managing compliance and reporting requirements of applicable labour laws and regulations
    • Client/industry specific compliance tool/checklist(s)